When you just begin the game, the interface may be a little intimidating. The controls may be confusing, and you'll see all kinds of weird things around you. This is a quick crash-course in the interface.



This is your base. In the beginning, you will see a red circle surrounding it. This is your shield. It prevents others from attacking you while you still have it.

The inner gray circles are just placement borders, really just a marking. (Note: Barracks are placed outside the gray circle, not inside).


Your shield will break if you send any troops outside of it. When building your base, your Barracks will not spawn units outside the shield. Your shield will be removed as soon as you move your units outside the shield.


The large colored circle in the middle of your base is your headquarters. Everyone spawns with a random color unless you have chosen a skin. You protect your headquarters to stay alive in the game.If enemies attack your Headquarters and deal damage, the circle will get smaller and eventually you will be out of the game.

Buttons, Boxes, and Numbers


At the bottom of your screen, you will see a hotbar in which you can select what you want to build. They can also be selected instead of clicking by using the numbers 1-7 on your keyboard.


Power Amount

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 10.14.11 AM
Showing how much power you have, out of 6000 which is the max you can store at the moment.


The top 10 players right now in the game. Based off points, which you get by attacking others.


Well, that's about the basics. Some other things you should be able to discover by yourself fairly easily. Happy playing!