The Siege Tank (also known as Siege Ram) is currently the strongest unit in the game. It has 6 times the health of a normal Tank, more than 2 times the health of the Commander and 50 times the health of a Soldier. It also deals 100 damage per strike, which is twice that of a Tank and equivalent to a Commander.

However, Siege Tanks are also by far the slowest unit in the game, and so are still prone to sustained fire from the enemy defences. They should never be allowed to attack on their own and instead should be coupled with normal Tanks and Soldiers, who would absorb the fire of the enemy defences and/or soften them up, allowing the Siege Tank to get into position mostly unharmed and only then wreak havoc.

Siege Tanks are spawned from Siege Factories and take up the space equivalent to 20 Soldiers.

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