How to Move the Camera

W/Up arrow key — Up

A/Left arrow key — Left

S/Down arrow key — Down

D/Right arrow key — Right

R—Center the camera instantly back to your base

How to Build

Click on the buildings on the bottom of your screen or use the hotbar numbers 1-7 to select a building you want to build.

Then left click on somewhere in the map where you want to build it. Note that there are limits to where you can build. You also must build where you haven't yet. If the circle is red, then that means it is overlapping something. It should be a grayish color.

To place, you can use left click or spacebar.

Note that placing buildings costs power, which shows up on the bottom left corner of your screen.

How to Upgrade

Click on something you want to upgrade. Note that not everything has an upgrade. Then to the left side of your screen will show possible upgrades (if any). It also shows the cost of power.

How to Select

"Right-click and drag" to select a group of units or buildings. Or you can just click to select them individually.

How to Sell Selected Buildings

There's a button once you've selected a building in the bottom left hand corner. It says "sell" and a price it will sell for. Click that button if you want to sell.

How to Create Troops

You need barracks to create troops. You also need houses to house those troops. Creating more houses increases your population cap. When you build barracks, the troops will automatically spawn over time as long as there is population space.

How to Move Troops/Attack Others

This is a very common question. To move troops, you have to select them either by clicking on them or dragging across the screen. Then you right click where you want them to go. Note that moving your troops outside of the red circle (shield) will disable your shield and leave you vulnerable to attacks.

How to Use the Chat

To type in chat, press "Enter". To toggle chat on/off, press "T".